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The 10 Best Lash Lift And Tint Kit For Professionals 2022

The Best Lash Lift And Tint Kit For Professionals to buy in 2022

2022 Upgraded Lash Lift Kit, Professional Semi-Permanent Curling Eyelash Perm Kit Suitable for Salon & Home Use

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • 2022 UPGRADED VERSION - Improved white milky glue with better adhesion that brings you a smoother operating experience.
  • EASY TO USE - Simply select the lift pad that best fits the shape of your eye, only several steps to create dreamy curled lashes.
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE - Eyelash lift can make your eyes look bigger and spiritual. Investing you with an elegant glamor for every occasion.
  • SALON QUALITY – Our lash lift kit is specially formulated with premium quality and non-irritating ingredients, hypoallergenic and safe.
  • LONG LASTING - One set of our eyelash lift kit can be used 10-15 times. After perming you can get a superb semi-permanent eyelash curls that will last for 6-8 weeks.

4 in 1 Lash Lift and Tint Kit, Professional Eyebrow Lamination and Dye Kit, Semi-Permanent Perming Wave, Suitable For Salon & Home Use (black)

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • 4-IN-1 LASH & BROW TINT KIT: Our lash & brow kit contains not only professional lash lift & eyebrow lamination, but also a safe tint kit. Formulated to help you wake up with neat curly and beautiful black eyelashes, this kit will treat your lash with a special combination of active botanicals.
  • SEMI-PERMANENT BLACK COLOR: The black dye kit makes your lashes and brow fuller and darker for an eye-catching fashion look. Each lift and tint cream is separately packaged. Convenient and quick. You can choose proper cream in the light of the curling or dyeing effect you prefer.
  • SUITABLE FOR HOME USE: One kit can meet all your needs.Imagine that one kit quality reaches the professional salon grade. Each package contains full tools and detailed usage instruction. Easy to try and DIY at home.
  • SAFE & PROFESSIONAL: Unlike other chemical products, our lash & brow lift and tint kit are specially formulated with high-quality and non-irritating ingredients, which will not harm the eyes and surrounding skin. (Warm Note): Take a skin test before first using, having someone's assistance will be better if you are new.
  • ECONOMIC AND AFFORDABLE CHOICE: Stop spending hundreds of dollars on salon appointments! Just choose one kit of ours. A set of products can be used 10-15 times, sharing it with family and friends is so great.

Lash Lift and Black Kit, Professional Eyelash Perm Kit and Black Eyelash & Eyebrow Set 3 in 1, Quick Lifting & Voluminous Coloring with Complete Tools for Salon Grade Home DIY

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • 3 IN 1 KIT: Lashes define your eyes. Our 3 in 1 kit are using for eyelash lifting and black coloring. Imparting lashes luster which makes it voluminous and energetic, you will look naturally gorgeous and beautiful.
  • VISIBLE RESULTS AT ONCE: Great fuller starter kit for eyelash lift, lift your lashes into a glossy volume and longer looking. You could see different at once. Voluminous black lashes, lock your looks!
  • EASY TO USE AT HOME DIY: Easy to apply and remove. Suitable for all lash lengths and shapes. Just choose the pad that best suits your eyes shape and then get amazing results! This kit have no damage to lash and skin. Low irritation and hypoallergenic, very safe to use.
  • CREATE MEGA & BLACK EYES APPEARANCE: Keep the lash lifted and black for 6-8 weeks. Everyday wakes up with voluminous lashes look with low maintenance. It is easier to maintain the lash curl, say goodbye to lash extensions or heavy mascara.
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME: Contains all the tools needed in the process. 1 set is available for 15 people. Buy one is enough for your half-year eyelash lifting. IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLTELY SATISFIED, PLEASE LET US KNOW FOR A FULL REFUND.

Lomansa Eyelash Perm Kit and Black Color, Professional Brow Lamination Kit with Colors, Semi-Permanent Quick Curling and Voluminous Coloring, Lasts For 6-8 Weeks

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • Upgraded Version: This lash lift kit set comprises tools and solutions for eyelash perming & black t-inting which meets all you need during the lift and color process and can be used 10-15 times.
  • No Sodium Bromate, No Irritation: It is safe brow lamination kit professional, easier to use. No lashes burning or damage! Eyes appear voluminous and more awake.
  • Easy To Use For Beginners: Lomansa eyelash perm and t-i-n-t kit is ideal for use in salons and by lash artists, also it is easy to do at home for beginners. Get it now, a tiny change in your face will make a big difference!
  • Create Delicate Face Appearance: Everyday wake up with a voluminous brows and lashes look. You can define your eyes again. Be beautiful and original in a simple way.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied, just tell us with no hesitation and we will do our best for you. The mission of the Lomansa brand is to provide eyelash & eyebrow experts with superior quality and premium grade materials to give ultimate highlight to the beauty of your eyes.

Libeauty Black Lash Lift and Color Kit, Brow Lamination and Color Kit, Lash Lift Kit, Black Color Kit, Voluminous Color Make Lash Lifted and Black

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • HAPPY DAY: Imagine when you wake up naturally when you sleep and wake up to see perfect, neat curly and beautiful black eyelashes. You no longer need to rush to put on makeup, rush to work, socialize and party.
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME: Using Libeauty the Beauty kit and depending on your eyebrows/lash density, you can reuse the solution up to 15 times. But beauty salons usually charge from 80$ to 200$ for a single session.
  • EASY TO USE: One Lash Lift kit and hair color kit together, full kit with all tools need for a lash lift and black eyelashes color, and detailed and simple operating instructions.
  • SAFE AND NO IRRITATION: 4 step lash lift and color solutions for eyebrow lamination are water-based, safe to apply, and remove.
  • LIBEAUTY'S CORE MISSION: Always committed to letting all people, through the simplest way, make themselves more beautiful and confident to the greatest extent!

VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit, Eyelash Perm Kit, Professional Eyelash Lash Extensions, Lash Curling, Semi-Permanent Curling Perming Wave Suitable For Salon

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • Great performance- eyelash perm kit is made with premium quality ingredients, your lashes will remain curled for 1 month, you will obtain long-lasting eyelash.
  • Economical & easy to use- large eyelash lift kit, This kit has more value then the others on the market.
  • Professional eyelash performing kit- perfect for people who crave that extra curl for their natural lashes. Suitable for salon conference, with this perm kit.
  • Great for party and wedding- eyelash lift is an innovative way to keep lashes curled and looking younger.

LASHVIEW Lash Lift Kit,Lash Lift,Professional Eyelash Perm Kit,Liquid Set,Semi-Permanent,Curling Perming,Wave Lift Extension Perm Set

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • ❀Curled Lashes for 1 Month- Eyelash lift kit is made with premium quality ingredients, your lashes will remain curled for 1 month, you will obtain long-lasting eyelash.
  • ❀Natural Looking Curve - LASHVIEW Lash Lift Kit will help your eyes to look bigger and more beautiful without makeup by lifting up your eyelashes to form the perfect curl.
  • ❀ Low Maintenance & Easy - It is relatively easy to use, and with minimal effort, you can create elegant and flawless curls. A set can be used 10 times! say goodbey to lash curlers!
  • ❀Safe & Superior Quality - Lash Lift Kit provides an exceptional quality formula that is safe and effective for both home and professional use.
  • ❀Suitable for technicians and individuals - Suitable for professional salon and home use with this perm kit.

Separation Eye lash Separator Tool Lash Lift Tools and Tint Kit Professional Lifting - Lashes Separater Perm Extension Separating Comb Tinting Lifter Eyelashes Seperator Supplies Steel Black Shine

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • The lash lift tool stainless steel made from silver. Highest quality the lash tool separator extensions is designed with a super fine tip, making it easy to use & perfect for the kit lash lifting tool separator extensions and lash separating of your client’s eyelashes lifting during the treatments. The eye lash lift tools supply is the perfect addition Tool to your best lash lift kit professional & helping you to achieve the professional result. Point part made of full stainless steel Metal
  • Lash brush for eyelash separating tool made by skilled person.This versatile lifting lashes tool separator is a necessary piece of equipment for any eye lash perm artist, with a dual end.Our eye lash separation tool can be used for lash isolation, eyelash seperater, and lash lift glue adhesive, eyelash lifting lashes, Correct for lash lift applicator, eye lash perm & on lash lift rod. Y tool lash lift supplies kits are the perfect way to ensure quality for lash perm adhesive & lash lift adhesive
  • Eye lash lifter tool is useful for lash lifts, at home brow lamination & eyelash treatment. Metal eyelash seperator tool for extensions under eyelash perm silicone pad are easy to use.Provide your clients amazing lashing & brows with our metal eyelash separator tool & eyebrow lamination kit starter tools.This lash extension separator tool separator makes lash lift eyelash perming & eyelash seperater quick and easy.One side has lash pick tool & other end a y tool lash lift eye lash separator comb
  • Tint kit for eyebrows and eyelashes perm tools offers multifunctional any professional lash artist kit would be incomplete without lash lift isolator tool. Lash tool separator extensions design helps you lift eyelashe onto lash lift rods or lash silicon pads with ease making the lash lifting perm process under. Lash supplies tools & lash pick tool is used to comb the lashes on to the rods/shields during a lash treatment. Eyelash separator metal & Y brush is used to comb the eyelash perm and tint
  • The eyelash brush comb can easily deal with eyelash glue or eyelashes. Y-combs help you easily achieve different styles while perming your client’s eyes lashes. Use this metal eyelash seperator tool to apply the natural lash on to the perm rods. The comb on the brush helps eyelashes lay straight on the Lash Lift Rods. The Lash Tool will separate and curl your lashes to perfection every single time. A helpful eyelash shaper and separator for the beautiful eyelash extensions.

PINKZIO Lash Lift Kit Eyelash Perm Kit, Professional Eyelash Lash Curling, Semi-Permanent Curling Perming Suitable For Salon, Pink

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • PROFESSIONAL LASH LIFT KIT: This eyeLash lifting kit using silicon pads to perm your lashes instead of a traditional roller. They're easier to work with and make less of a mess. This Professional Lash Lifting Kit is everything you need for beautiful curled lashes without needing a curler, eyelash extensions, or mascara.
  • BIGGER, BRIGHTER BEAUTIFUL EYES: The eyelash perm is fast, efficient, hygienic, and durable. Use it to create beautiful wavy eyelashes without an eyelash curler. Give your eyes seductive brilliance and fascinate beautiful wavy eyelashes! Make your eyes bigger and more beautiful.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE: PINKZIO lash lifting tools are very easy to use and suitable for all lash lengths and shapes.Simply select the lift pad that best fits the shape of your eye and then get amazing lifted results!
  • GET YOURSELF SUPERB SEMI: Eyelash perm kit is 100% brand new and high quality, suitable for professional and private use. Care your Lashes with our coating, keep your lashes lifting about 1 month without the hassle of using your lash curler daily
  • GREAT FOR PARTY AND WEDDING- The self eyelash perm kit is an innovative way to keep lashes curled and looking younger. With our eyelash lift kit , your eyes will be ready for a wedding, date or graduation ceremony.

Stacy Lash Lift Kit - Professional Salon Premium Quality Eyelash Perm Curling Lotion & Liquid Full Lifting Set - Eyelash Perming Wave Curling Semi-Permanent

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as of August 7, 2022 12:32 pm


  • ✅ Stacy Lash lift kit – eyelash perm kit for beauty professionals to give semi-permanent curling lasting for 4-6 weeks.
  • ✅ Extended eyelash lift kit – includes all solutions, eyelash perm glue for secure fixation plus increased accessories count.
  • ✅ 5 pairs of lift pads – in the lash perm kit to fit different types of eyes and lashes, plus 3 lift combs and a lift wand for best lash lift results.
  • ✅ Detailed use instructions to guide you through whole lash perming process.
  • ✅ 100% Money-back guarantee

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